Abiding Principle & Statute

(Rules and Regulations)

Hey Wassup people!

It's great feeling to share your knowledge with others! Here are some cool tips you can use!

With power comes great responsibility! Oh Yes!

You have the authority to upload and share content. We already assume you are wise enough to post accurate and authentic information, content, news, article posted by yourself. Don't let us down.

Respect hard work of others!

Lots of technical folks work very hard to develop their content. Respect their work, if you come across an interesting piece of work, and would like to share it with the members, then don't forget to give credit to the original author. He will be obliged for sharing his content and providing free marking and outreach. Also, abstain yourself from posting copyrighted information. That's a crime! Just telling you!

Someone's watching what's happening down there!

The group is moderated by the Managing and Action Committee. We respect independent personal thoughts and views. But we need to be judicious while moderating uploads and comments in the larger benefit of all. A member should abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and should not indulge in personal, religious or political attacks. These days, the IT guys are really smart to trace the IP address of fallacious individuals. Rapid action can be taken with the help of the cyber crime, and they are really good in their work! Hot tip to remember, Your content - your responsibility! As easy as it sounds, "your content is your responsibility"!

Help us to keep the home clean!

There are always some notorious people out there to spoil the sport! Help us delete content that do not follow these guidelines. You can report them spam and we will delist them from the portal and give feedback to the poster.

You want others to read your stuff isnt it? Here's how you can make your content interesting!

  • Try to include real pictures - have a mobile with good camera, click, compile and post it!
  • Post fresh and unique content rather than that downloaded from internet, its already there isn't it?
  • You can always add reference files and documents to support your conten
  • Try to avoid outside hyperlinks inside the comment.
  • Keep your content concise and precise to the subject matter - People love to read single page content, anything more than that, doesn't appeal to general user. Don't believe what we say? Google it, that's a well researched study!

Let us handle your marketing needs!

Abstain yourself from posting marketing content. In case you want to market your product or services, contact us, we will guide you with best alternatives to market your stuff. Off course you have to pay, but it will be worth every penny!

Mistakes happen, you can correct them!

In case you have mistakenly posted wrong information or want to edit or correct your post, you can do so through my activity-edit post.

Have a suggestion, let us know!

We welcome new suggestions or modifications for improvements. We will study it and incorporate them, and yes we will let others know about your suggestion! Please feel free to reach us at helpdesk@energysectornetwork.com with your valuable inputs