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  • 30 mins audio video modules covering critical course topics
  • Certification on completion of course
  • Additional Notes & Material covering complete course content
  • E-Library covering additional topics

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1 Year experience in Energy Sector
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This is a self learning program. Participants can interact with other alumni members and community members over discussion forum. Study papers are submitted under case...

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Synergem Energy Centre


Program covers training content over Steam Turbine, Boiler, Electric Generator and its associated auxiliaries as stated under training & development policy (Indian Electricity Rules, 1981).  Course covers all aspects of thermal power plant generation of a large capacity thermal power plant.

Program is very helpful for professionals who are relatively new to large capacity thermal power plants.

It is also very beneficial for professionals working in managerial profiles like project management, procurement and designing who wish to build technical concepts of thermal power plants.

Professionals working in captive thermal power plants/ combined cycle power plants can also join this course and learn all aspects of large capacity thermal power plant.

Hard copy of notes and material is provided. Exams are conducted online. Participants can interact with other alumni members and community members over discussion. Study Papers are submitted online under case study.

Professionals wokring in Energy Sector

  • Power Plant Fundamentals
    • Ideal Rankine Cycle
    • Basic Rankine Cycle
    • Superheat Cycle
    • Regenerative Feed Heating Cycle
    • Modified Rankine Cycle Plant Efficiency
    • Overview of Large Capacity Thermal Power Plant
    • Cost accounting, Cost control and Cost reduction
    • Electrical Safety in Power Station
    • Electrical Accidents in Thermal Power Stations
  • Steam Boiler and Its Auxiliaries
    • General Description of Steam Boiler
    • Boiler Pressure Parts
    • Boiler Pressure Parts - Economiser
    • Economizer Failures
    • Steam Drum Basics
    • Steam separation in the boiler drum
    • Blow Downs in Boiler Drum
    • Chemical Treatment of Boiler Drum Water
  • Steam Turbine and Its Auxiliaries
    • Introduction to Steam Turbine
    • Steam Cycle Basics
    • Steam Turbine Compounding and Cylinder Arrangement
    • Steam turbine blade arrangement-sealing and rotor types
    • Mechanical Construction and Design of Steam Turbines
    • Casing Arrangement
    • Blades and Labyrinth Packings
    • Gland Sealing of the Turbine
    • Modern High capacity Steam Turbines
    • Steam Turbine Losses
    • Turbine Control
    • Steam Turbine Components (With reference to two cylinder (HP and LP) condensing type turbine)
    • TURBINE CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Reference: (210 MW KWU – German Design) BHEL Make
  • Generator and Electrical Auxiliaries
    • Introduction to Electrical Supply System
    • Aspects to be covered on plant auxiliary power system
    • Auxiliary Power Demand Statistics
    • Different Areas of Thermal Power Station
    • 415 V LT switchgear distribution Boards and their Supply
    • L. T. Auxiliaries / Equipment’s in general fed from different L.T. Switchgear Board
    • D. M. Plant board
    • C.H.P. Supply Board
    • Faults in the Generator
    • External faults abnormal operating conditions affecting the generator
  • Balance of Plant
    • Introduction to Ash handling Plant
    • Fly ash equipment’s of ESP
    • Principle of working of ESP
    • Coal Handling Plant
    • Description and Working of Oil Handling Plant
    • Boiler Water Internal Treatment
    • Chemical Deaeration
    • Phosphate Treatment
    • Phosphate Hideout
    • Condensate Corrosion Control
  • Power Plant Instrumentation & Control
    • Introduction to Controls in Thermal Power Station
    • Introduction to Automatic Control in Thermal Power Station
    • Boiler Drum Level Measurement
    • Drum Level Control
    • Turbovisory System - Turbine Vibration
    • Turbovisory System - Shaft vibration and eccentricity measurement
    • Turbovisory System - Turbine Speed
    • Turbovisory System - Measurement of overall Turbine expansion and differential expansion of Turbine
    • Turbovisory System - Differential expansion measurement
    • Turbovisory System - Axial Shift, CVSM & Speeder gear position, Steam and metal temperature measurement

Synergem Energy Centre certified, Certificate of Course Completion along with Performance Certificate is provided to all participants.

Course Duration

Course Duration 1 Years ( Online Exam Window From Course Start Date )


1 Year experience in Energy Sector


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